Plan your Ultimate Trip with Our Services

Making Memorable Mediterranean Moments.

Aim for smooth sailing with us – we design and craft each of our trips according to your unique needs and preferences. Securing a home is just the first step, so let’s have fun planning the rest of your adventure with you! It is said, after all, that planning is crucial to your pre-trip happiness. We agree and are here to guide you the whole way through!


Fill your precious vacation days with our leisure activities. From yacht trips to kayaking ventures, winery tours to spa days, we have something for everyone! We make sure our active travelers and sunbathers are equally taken care of.

Culinary Counsel

Nothing screams delicious more than fresh Mediterranean cuisine. We want you to taste the best of each region – the daily caught fish, wood-oven pizza, mouthwatering olives and freshly picked tangerines are just a few.

Vehicle Rentals

Secure your vehicle rental or personal driver with us for peace of mind. Whether for the day or for the week, we’re happy to ensure you get to where you need to explore safely! Consult with us for your local transport options.

Custom Requests

We’re always happy to cater to custom requests to make that family trip, birthday, anniversary or honeymoon unparalleled. Just tell us what you’d like and we’ll do our best to realize your travel dreams. Dream away while we coordinate!