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Property Care

As your experienced, LOCALLY-BASED Phoenix and Scottsdale vacation rental property manager, Tuckedin’s homeowners’ and their homes’ best interests always come first. Tuckedin becomes intimately acquainted with each property and manages each listing with extreme care.

Revenue Optimization

We use cutting edge dynamic algorithms and industry best practices, along with our local knowledge of events and seasons, to ensure the maximum revenue possible for your vacation rental property. Tuckedin prides itself on turning average earning properties into the top-earning vacation rental property in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area!

Marketing and Guest Support

Tuckedin strives for each and every vacation rental property that we manage to have a 5-star rating – just check out our listings’ reviews. We provide professional photos and create each listing with a detailed, attractive description using proven keywords to ensure it always appears at the top of search results.

Investor Consulting

Tuckedin specializes in helping investors locate, furnish, manage, and maintain their ideal vacation rental property using our experience and extensive research. If you’re ready to earn the most on a vacation rental property while doing the least work possible, Tuckedin is here to help.

Four Topics to Discuss with Your Property Manager:

Property Care

Do they utilize a cleaner AND an inspector? Many vacation property managers rely on cleaners to tell them if things are broken or missing when most cleaners do not have the time to check things like loose screws on furniture, light bulbs, pools being taken care of, etc. Do they provide you with a monthly report of things guests have mentioned about the property and fixes that need or could be made?


What are is the vacation property managers ratings both overall as a manager and for individual properties? Look at their properties ratings and also what the customers say about the customer service and responsiveness of the property manager. Negative reviews not only indicate lazy management but impact your properties revenue.


What fees is the vacation property manager charging guests? Some vacation property managers charge guest booking fees as an excuse to take a cut of revenue off the top before they calculate your revenue. Charging guests booking and other fees is not always disclosed to owners but any fees they charge to guests negatively impact the properties net revenue and increase what they are actually charging you.

Pricing Strategy

What is the vacation property mangers pricing strategy? Does their pricing take into account events, season, occupancy of the surrounding properties? Does it automatically increase the price if the property or surrounding area is getting high demand? Does it decrease the price as open nights get closer and remain unbooked. How do they handle gap management? If it is three night minimum stays and there is a two night gap does it automatically adjust to allow for a two night stay?

All of these questions are critical to ensure that your property is getting optimal revenue and is being properly looked after. If your property manager isn’t answering these questions in the ideal way talk to us at Tuckedin and we will get you the answers you want.