Our Story

While working as the Director of Strategic Marketing for a billion-dollar Tech company, our founder Mitch Angle decided to invest in a new home. Less than a week after closing on the new property in Scottsdale, his company merged with its largest competitor and he was laid off. To supplement his loss of income, he dedicated all of his time and energy into turning the property into a top-earning vacation rental. Using the skills he learned while getting his MBA from Ohio State, years of experience managing strategy, marketing, along with growing up working for his family company in real estate as everything from a cleaner to a construction manger the vacation property exceeded expectations.

Experiencing the benefits of owning and operating a top-earning vacation rental property for himself, he decided he wanted to help others do the same. Born and raised in Arizona, he continues to use his knowledge and experience to ensure the Tuckedin team manages each vacation property with extreme care while also using cutting edge dynamic pricing algorithms to ensure it is getting the maximum possible revenue.



Also, meet Tuck the pup! Like his owner and our founder, he’s an Arizona native. He was adopted as a puppy in November of 2018 and is the most well-behaved and loving pup around.You might have figured it out by now, but he’s the inspiration behind our name, Tuckedin.